Episode 11: Celebrating a Turkey-Free Table, with Main Street Vegan’s Victoria Moran

Harvest cornucopia

What are you thankful for? We’re thankful for the opportunity to visit with Victoria Moran, vegan lifestyle coach, radio host, and author of Main Street Vegan — and we’re also extra-super-thankful that our Thanksgiving table won’t feature any dead birds! Like Halloween, Thanksgiving poses special navigational challenges to plant-eaters. We sort right through the holiday’s ambiguous history, the nature of tradition invention, and the fine art of dealing constructively with friends and family members who can’t imagine a turkey-free Thanksgiving table. Listen!

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So many things are easier for vegans than ever before! Take eating in airports, for example.

Now there are even whole cookbooks dedicated exclusively to vegan chocolate!!

Our excellent guest-co-host interviews Fran Costigan here, and it’s well worth a listen:

Fran Costigan was a featured in the inaugural edition of the very fabulous new Vegan Food Magazine, whose co-creator Samantha Gould popped by the Kitch a couple months ago just before the publication’s launch. Listen to that episode too, if you haven’t yet! ‘Cause it’s fun, and Vegan Food Magazine is wonderful.

For yet more excellent listening, find the complete episode archives for Victoria’s radio show here:

If you’re approaching Thanksgiving for the first time from a vegan or vegetarian perspective, the nature of tradition construction and defense deserves reflection.

Ever wonder how turkeys came to be the ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving Whatchado? Ask Sarah Josepha Hale! (Spoiler alert: it’s a completely made up ‘tradition.’)

So if you DON’T to celebrate a day of thanks and abundance by inflicting completely optional violence on an innocent bird, what do you do instead? Ha! Trick question! You don’t have to do anything ‘instead.’ Just create a feast from your favorite foods, and eat it thankfully!

Regarding ‘the people problem,’ otherwise known as dealing with friends and family members who want you to eat birds and feel threatened or hostile if you don’t, find more ideas for constructive communication here:

Once you’ve got Thanksgiving sussed out, by the way, swing by EatDrinkBetter and check out my new series Top News from the Food Front, for a weekly roundup of stories that deserve attention from conscious eaters. It publishes each Saturday — watch for it!


Check out Victoria’s shenanigans at Main Street Vegan! Whether you’re looking for a great book, a radio show, or a vegan lifestyle coach training program, you’ll find something amazing there.

Recommended viewing:

Also be sure to join the Facebook group Thoughtful Thanksgiving, for some wonderful vegan feast ideas! This group is brought to you by friend of the show Marla Rose, who also created the very fabulous Humane Halloween event last month.


Thanks to Victoria Moran for serving as co-host for this PK episode! Thanks to all of you for listening, and for sharing, and for subscribing free to Progressive Kitch by your podcatcher of choice — and then for rating Progressive Kitch on iTunes, so that other conscious eaters can find us. Look for us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll see you there!

Thanks for all you do to build a better world, by embracing traditions that reflect your values of compassion and nonviolence.

Happy (Vegan) Thanksgiving!

Image credit: cornucopia photo via Shutterstock. Music credit: Hot Swing by Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech.

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