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Episode 12: Brave New Project! The History of Vegetarianism, with The Vegan Option’s Ian McDonald

Did you know Pythagoras had a mathematical musical vegetarian cult? Have you heard about the Manchester Victorian vegetarian church? Did you know early vegetarians weren’t called vegetarians, but Brahmins? As interest in veganism and vegetarianism soars, there’s no shortage of recipe sites, cooking shows, and information to help folks go vegan. But if you go looking for a a cohesive picture of our movement’s history, your brain will be left hungry. BBC radio guy, vegan podcaster, and history enthusiast Ian McDonald envisions a cure for this sad situation — wait til you hear what he’s working on! Better yet, wait til you hear how you can be part of it. Listen!

PK Preview: Meatonomics!

meat_grinder_shutterstock_159513656After our December holiday break, we’re looking forward to hosting Dave Simon later this month in the Kitch, author of Meatonomics: How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much-and How to Eat Better, Live Longer, and Spend Smarter.

No other industry enjoys such governmental support, or externalizes so many costs onto society.

Other authors have focused on the cruelty and health impacts of modern animal ‘farming,’ but Simon delves into the financial exploitation of our economy by meat, dairy, and egg producers — to the detriment of everyone downstream.

And we’re ALL downstream.

Great read, highly recommended — we look forward to visiting with Meatonomics author Dave Simon within the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!

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Episode 11: Celebrating a Turkey-Free Table, with Main Street Vegan’s Victoria Moran

What are you thankful for? We’re thankful for the opportunity to visit with Victoria Moran, vegan lifestyle coach, radio host, and author of Main Street Vegan — and we’re also extra-super-thankful that our Thanksgiving table won’t feature any dead birds! Like Halloween, Thanksgiving poses special navigational challenges to plant-eaters. We sort right through the holiday’s ambiguous history, the nature of tradition invention, and the fine art of dealing constructively with friends and family members who can’t imagine a turkey-free Thanksgiving table. Listen!

Punkin kid!

Episode 10: Kid-Friendly Vegan Cooking, & Humane Halloween (with Vegan Street’s Marla Rose)

Cooking vegan for omnivorous kids? Transitioning towards plant-based habits with your family in tow? Worried about the horrors of navigating a certain candy-centric holiday with your vegan child? Don’t be scared! Humane Halloween creator Marla Rose joins us to explore tricks, treats, and tactics for feeding kids at a vegan table — or from a vegan-candy-stuffed punkin’. Listen!

Down, But Not Out!

fiery pheonix

Oh my goodness, the week we’ve had!

The bad news: we were hacked. All our posts containing links for episodes 1-9 of the Progressive Kitch podcast were lost to pissy hacker-type thugs. Sadness.

The good news: we’re back, undaunted and rowdy as ever! Over the next few days we’ll be recreating the episode library here again, so that listeners can easily find the reference links which they seeketh. Meanwhile fight the madness: like us on Facebook, follow @ProgressKitch on Twitter, subscribe free by the podcaster of your choice, and show the f***ers who hacked us that the food rev won’t be thwarted by such petty foolishness.

We’re recording this weekend: kid-friendly cooking & vegan Halloween, woot! Do you have any spooky vegan tricks or treats to share? We’d love to hear ‘em!

Comment below, and thanks for bearing with us during these difficult (but not insurmountable) times.

We’re going nowhere but forward, and normalcy in the Kitch shall resume forthwith.

Thanks for standing by!

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